Job Shop Part-Time Jobs Fair: what’s it all about?


You’ve hopefully seen some mention around campus about our upcoming Part-Time Jobs Fair – but what’s it really all about and is it worth you coming? (Hint: it definitely is.)

On Tuesday 24th January from 11am – 2pm, the Job Shop will be welcoming a range of local and national companies into Commons as well as some on-campus employers. All of them will be there to promote their part-time vacancies which is extremely handy if you are looking for a job to support you alongside your studies.

Should I be looking for a part-time role while at university?
Everyone’s different – some people don’t find they need a job through university, but many are attracted to the two main benefits of having a part-time role… EXPERIENCE and EXTRA MONEY!

Of course extra cash is always useful, but some of the skills you can gain through working part-time may surprise you (and are also great at helping to add value to your CV). These skills include:

  • Experience working in a professional environment
  • Increased commercial awareness
  • Enhanced time-keeping skills
  • Experience in working as part of a team
  • Professional conduct with colleagues and customers
  • Problem solving experience

If you’re an international student, having a part-time job may also be helpful for improving your language skills and developing an awareness of the UK recruitment market (especially if you’re planning on staying here after you graduate).

So who’s going to be there?
The Fair is catering for a wide range of industries from hospitality and education to social care, the leisure industry and many more. Take a look for yourself:

Got more questions?
Feel free to get in touch with the Job Shop! You can call us on 01225 875864 oremail us at If you’d rather chat face-to-face, visit us at a drop-in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12pm – 2pm in Steward’s Lodge (we also have a drop-in every first Thursday of the month at Sion Hill by main reception).

See you next Tuesday!


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