Bath Spa Award: what counts?


You may have heard about the Bath Spa Award, but are unsure as to what you have to do or what counts towards it. Have no fear – here’s a quick guide to set you right.

In order to receive the Award, you’ll need to complete all seven of the following sections…

Get Thinking
What skills to have? Think about which ones you’d perhaps like to improve. This section asks you to write a brief a paragraph for two skills you’d like to get better at over the coming months. Such areas might include: management, networking, brand awareness, communication, creative thinking… anything, so long as it’s going to aid you.

Get Informed
In order to complete this section, you must have attended at least two careers workshops, preferably relevant to your interests. However, if you have received a form of training for other positions you hold outside of your course, we can me be able to include this, too.

Get Experience
This section requires you to complete 100 hours of work experience. It sounds more than it is, and more than likely you’ll already have ticked some off. This work can be anything extra-curricular, so long as it doesn’t coincide with your course – even roles such as society president or society secretary, housing rep or student ambassador all count!

Get Digital
Show us that you’re digitally literate by providing us with evidence of communication online. Whether you’re on Twitter, a YouTuber, a blogger or live on LinkedIn, we want to see your online presence.

Get Networking
We want to know that you’re networking with potential employers – online interaction, plus two face-to-face appearances. Have you connected on LinkedIn, Twitter or email? Maybe you’ve been to speed-networking event on campus or with Creative Bath? Always ask us if you’re unsure as to what counts.

Get Advice
Book an appointment to see us via My Career – this will let you stop by Steward’s Lodge and speak to the Award Team about how you’re getting on. It couldn’t be simpler, and it’s pretty useful, too!

Get the Award
Last but not least, you’ll be invited to attend our assessment centre in the spring. This half-day event will test your skills and help to showcase your strengths, giving you a real taste for what it’s like to attend an assessment centre for an industry placement.

All done? It’s then time for our celebration event, where you’ll receive your certificate.

Not signed up? You’ve still got time – visit today!


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